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Furansu Janiizu Fanclub

Published on 02/06/2010 - Edition

You are a fan of Johnny's? See you on Furansu Janiizu Fanclub's booth!



Furansu Janiizu Fanclub is an association aiming at bringing together French-speaking fans of Johnny's (bands made of Japanese male idols) and to help them accessing this world.

Since early 2009, the association gives the possibility to French fans to buy legally, and with no profits, CDs, DVDs and other products sold on websites such as HMV, cdjapan, yesasia, etc.

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For the second year in a row, Furansu Janiizu is at Japan Expo but not in the same way as in the past years. They propose to join them in a 24 m² area dedicated to Johnny's, where you can find many fan creations: straps, jewels, badges, calendars... For the first time, they also propose second hand products: CDs,DVDs, magazines...

Before and after Japan Expo, you can go shopping on our website on our website!

Come and share their passion for Johnny's!

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